27 04, 2018

Cutting A 7 Foot Log With Massive Japanese Handsaws

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This log is from a 30 year old tree that had to be cut down because the original owners of our house planted it near a wall.  It was too thick to use the chainsaw mill, but not for the maebiki oga (Whaleback Large Saw).  How long did it take?  You'll see in the video. [...]

28 01, 2018

Hairpin Leg Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Table

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Using hairpin legs to make a table reduces some of the complexity.  You can focus on the table top and then attach the prefabricated legs.  Recently we made a kitchen table using some reclaimed wood.  It's always great to try to keep materials from going to a landfill, but using reclaimed materials comes with some [...]

19 07, 2017

Refurbishing A Japanese Plane Adjusting Hammer – part 1

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I won this hammer on Ebay.  Only thing is the hammer head had a little rust on it and the handle easily slips out of the hammer head.  I spent a little time over the last two weekends working on making a new hammer handle from a small log of olive wood.

24 03, 2017

Interviewed By Chop With Chris

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Recently I was interviewed by Chris from the Youtube channel Chop with Chris.  I was lucky enough to meet Chris at the Atlanta Woodworkers Show in 2016. Chris makes project completely by hand, and usually starts a project by taking a trip into the woods for his materials.  Below is the video interview and a [...]