16 11, 2014

Make T-Rex Skull Bookends

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Dinosaurs Rule!  Do you have someone in your life that loves dinosaurs?  Use the scraps you probably have lying around to build some T-Rex bookends that will make that special someone smile every time they see them. The following are additional notes and reflections on the build and is meant to supplemental information to the video below. [...]

23 10, 2014

Tips and Updates – Scrap Wood Challenge, Anti-Skid Material, Balcony Railing Update

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Tips and Updates are quick posts to keep you up to date with current projects. Check out our T-Rex Bookends, find out about a good anti-skid material for your projects and get an update on our balcony railing project.

19 05, 2014

Basics of Your Home Plumbing

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Before you start doing plumbing projects in your home, you should have the fundamentals down. Even if you don't do the work yourself, it is important to know what the plumber is talking about. Every homeowner should know about How water comes into their home and how to shut it off What a stack is [...]