Modern Shed Door Update

I just thought I would give you a quick update on what we plan on doing for the door for the modern work shed, or maybe tiny home (hahaha).

The video below goes over some of the reasons we’re going with a prehung door. Quite frankly the real reason is time. I talked about some of the weather concerns but there are a lot of features a prehung door provides that would be hard to replicate.

Why We Chose a Prehung Outward Swinging Door

We ended up purchasing a Reliabilt fiberglass 60 inch outward swinging double door. The unfortunate part is that with tax it came out to almost $770. Let’s take a look at what that’s getting us.


It’s really hard to kick in an outward swinging door because the way the doors sit in the jamb. A potential pitfall of an outward swinging door is to not have security hinges. If you have normal hinges, a burglar can pop the pin from the hing and take the door off. We made sure we got security hinges.


I mentioned in the video that the shed front door will take a beating in the summer. Fiberglass doors are really durable products. Not only is the one we purchased Energy Star Certified but it will resist the dents and dings you would get with a steel door. It’s also white to help reflect the heat.

Paying for the Door

My wife and I believe in saving up money to purchase items. We’ve paid cash for each stage of this project. We paid for the door by

  • Saving money each week – I give myself an allowance each week for random expenditures. I was able to save a majority of that.
  • Selling items we no longer use – There were some tools and other items that we hadn’t used in a long time.
  • Selling scrap, like aluminum, copper and components with metals – I was able to salvage around $70 by scrapping old electrical motors and other stuff collected over time.

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