How to Replace Remington Electric Shaver Batteries

Do your electric razor’s batteries not hold a charge any more?  Save yourself some money and not add to the growing pile of e-trash.  Changing out the batteries is easier than you think.  You’ll only need a couple of tools and a little time.  The steps are pretty easy.

  • Take your electric razor apart to find out what type of replacement battery you need.
  • Buy your replacement batteries. There is a link below for inexpensive replacement batteries.
  • Remove your old batteries
  • Solder the new batteries and place.
  • Reassemble your razor and test it.

What started this is I have an older Remington R845 rechargeable electric razor that stopped holding a charge.

The video takes you through the steps described above.

Taking Your Razor Apart

This is a matter of removing a couple of screws using a screwdriver. If you’re changing the batteries out a Remington, like the one in the video, you’ll need a #1 philips screwdriver.  This is a slightly skinnier than a standard #2 philips you would normally have lying around the house.

 Soldering Basic

This video is pretty good if you need a refresher on how to solder.

Buying Your Replacement Batteries

There are a couple of ways to buy your replacement batteries.

  • Do a google search using the model number of your razor.
  • Find the original battery model number and search using that
  • Find the original battery voltage and milliamps and search using that information.

Using the model of your razor, you might want to try or search to see if you can easily find the replacement rechargeable battery you’re looking for.  I found this site through a series of google searches.

Pre-tabbed Batteries or Solder Your Own Tabs

The first thing you might notice when you open up your electric razor and look at the old batteries is they have a tab soldered on them by the manufacturer.

Your options are to

  • Purchase pre-tabbed batteries
  • Buy or find replacement rechargeable batteries and re-solder the old tabs on the new batteries.

Pre-tabbed Batteries

The replacement batteries used in the video above had the tabs already soldered on them.  They were purchased from and were only $3 a battery shipped.  If your batteries are a standard size, Amazon has some cheaper than $3.

Soldering Tabs on Batteries

If you decide to reuse the tabs from your old batteries and solder them on to the new ones the video below does a great job showing you how to do that.

Replacing your rechargeable batteries isn’t that hard.  It just takes about 30 minutes even if you’ve never done anything like this before.  Just take your time and use a camera to document how things were originally put together.


11 thoughts on “How to Replace Remington Electric Shaver Batteries”

  1. Hi!
    I’m a man from Hungary, Mid- Europe.
    I’ve got a very old Remington 550 Selektronic shaver as a gift. It looks like a brand new one. As a technician, I think, battery must be replace in this instrument. I don’t want to demage it, please, help me:

    how can I open it’s case to replace the battery?


    George Palkovics,
    2000. Szentendre, Csabagyöngye street 4.

  2. When I see this, I am so glad I am phasing out my battery shavers and going ro pure electric—no charging, no dying, no waiting, no battery to replace or shaver to discard. But for those who can’t deal with wires, this is a good option and doesn’t look too hard.

  3. I recently purchased a brand new Remington RS6721 which was still in the shrink wrap sitting on a shelf! Because it had been sitting so long the battery is shot. I watched your video which was terrific but I’m not very handy and would appreciate it if you would replace the battery for me. I am happy to pay you for the service and postage both ways of course. Please reply. Thanks.

  4. Hi my husband has a Remington R 845 that he loves and has been using for MANY years. It recently is not holding a charge for very long. He is not handy, and would not even begin to know how to solder. If we purchased the replacement battery (I see you have the same Remington model so let us know which battery to buy and where) and sent it to you with the shaver, could you do the work with the soldering and return it to us? We would pay you for your labor? We go canoe/camping every year and my husband lets his beard grow then. So if it would be possible for you to do this please let us know. Thank you!

  5. Hello. I have a Remington XLR3000 Electric Shaver that the battery is not holding a charge for more than a minute. I have purchased replacement batteries from eBay and expect them in a few days. I am not that handy when it comes to detail work, so can I send the shaver and batteries to you for replacement? Just let me know the labor cost. Thanks.

  6. My Phillips No.1 screwdriver is NOT unscrewing screws from my Remington HC-365. Do you sell Remington screwdrivers? Else can you replace the screws cos they are getting worn down. Awaiting your reply. Thank you, -Raj

  7. I bought my 2 grandsons a Remington R4 Style shaver each for Christmas and can’t see anywhere in the instructions which batteries to buy. Could you please let me know which ones apply

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