World of Concrete 2008 Images

Its been a couple of weeks since World of Concrete, but posting pictures later is better than never. This is the second year I’ve gone to the World of Concrete. 2007 seemed to be the year of concrete counter tops. This year had more focus on sustainability and the “greener” aspects of concrete.

World of Concrete Green Site
Waiting for the next GreenSite demo

Water Permiable Pavers
Water Permeable Pavers (thanks for the sample)

One of the coolest products I saw there was the building block from Sustainable Wall Systems (SWS). The block is a composite of concrete and recycled polystyrene with a OSB board attached to one side. Walls made from this material have a R-49 rating.

SWS Booth
SWS showing their concrete polystyrene building block

SWS building system
Closeup of the SWS block system

I love how massive some of the concrete equipment can be.

Allied Gator booth
Allied Gator (watch out that claws coming for you lady)

RocPro Veneer Stone System
RocPro Veneer Stone System

Golden Look Demo
Golden Look demoing their acrylic pebble product

Pro Spec Booth
Pro Spec booth

Concrete Sink Closeup
Pro Spec concrete sink closeup

Concrete Sink At The Buddy Rhodes Booth
Concrete sink at the Buddy Rhodes booth





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