How to Replace the Side Mirror for a 2000 Ford F-150

Replacing the side mirror on your F-150 isn’t as hard as you might think. There are only a couple of steps to it once you have the replacement mirror for your Ford F-150.

  • Roll down the window on the side your replacing the side mirror on.
  • Remove the door panel.
  • Take off the damaged mirror
  • Install the new mirror
  • Test the new mirror and re-install the door panel
  • Take the small body panel off the old mirror and put it on the new one

The video I made below show you how to do all of this. At the end of this post are a couple of tips you might find handy. Also, there is a little segment at the end of the video showing my little “helper”.


  • It seems basic, but make sure you’re buying the right part. Does your side mirror have a turn signal? The first mirror I purchased was powered but didn’t have a side mirror.
  • Don’t forget to roll down the window on the side you’re working on. The switches on both sides need to be connected in order to roll down the window on the passenger side. I had to hook mine back up after taking the door panel off.
  • Once you get your replacement side mirror, open the box and do a comparison between the new one and old one as soon as possible. Don’t wait till you decide to do the replacement to check this. I was in the middle of replacing mine the first time and found out I was sold a mirror for an Excursion.

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5 thoughts on “How to Replace the Side Mirror for a 2000 Ford F-150”

  1. Last winter I replaced the mirror element in my 2001 F150 — this is the reflecting glass component ONLY. There was nothing at all wrong with the rest of my mirror housing. The mirror glass had cracked into several panes which then aimed in slightly different directions, probably due to the convex mirror I had glued on to the OEM mirror. After a lot of investigation online, I learned my particular year/model had a mirror element that could be removed with something as simple as a screwdriver or small pry bar. The glass can simply be “popped” out of the mirror housing. A replacement glass unit can be found at most DIY junkyards and can be removed the same way. Note some very similar mirrors are bolted in (can’t see that from outside), and will only break if you try prying them off. My replacement mirror cost me about $3. I broke a couple before I got to one that was of the easily removeable kind. Installing it took maybe 3 minutes, not counting the time it took to wash the dirt and grease off! As this post shows, replacing the entire housing is considerably more difficult. I don’t know for which year/models the mirror is so easily removed, but for sure a 2001 F150 is.

  2. That’s great it was only $3 to fix that mirror. Unfortunately when I hit the “stationary target” it took my mirror clean off. It was dangling by the wires, smacking the side of my truck as I drove.

    Thanks for sharing the information about popping out the mirror.

  3. Don’t let the mirror scratch the side of the door! Clip the wires right away. The new mirror will come with new wires and the plug is inside the door.

  4. my mirror glass popped off. all i need to do is pop,it back in…i think . is there a trick with the white plastic pieces that look like drywall anchors?

  5. My problem is I can’t find a place or online to buy the white plastic clips. Only one plastic clip broke the mirror is ok. Does anyone know where I can buy them.

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