Reattaching Jeep Wrangler Rear-View Mirror

I’m almost embarrassed to say that it’s taken me this long to fix this. About a month ago I was driving in what was Las Vegas’ hottest day. It hit 115 or 116. Anything over 110 is brutal. Some movement caught my right peripheral vision. I focused in on that movement just in time to see my rear-view mirror slowly fall from the windshield.

I purchased rear-view mirror adhesive from Ace Hardware when I was there last time. It is a two part adhesive with glue and hardener separate.

Mirror Adhesive
Rear-view Mirror Adhesive

It was easy to figure out where the mounting plate for the mirror was because of where the tint was cut out. Otherwise it would be necessary to outline where to attach the plate when gluing.

Original Location
Original Mounting Plate Area

The old adhesive was scraped off with a razor, and the surface was cleaned with soapy water.

Scraping Glass
Scraping Old Adhesive

Once the area was dry, the hardener vial is snapped and applied with the felt portion.

Snapping Vial
Snapping Hardener Vial

Applying Adhesive
Applying Hardener

Allow the hardener to dry for about 5 minutes. A drop of the adhesive is applied to the back of the mounting plate, and held against the glass for another 5 minutes.

Holding Mounting Plate
Holding Mounting Plate

After waiting 15 minutes for the adhesive to dry, the rear view mirror is put on the mounting plate and tightened down.

Tightening Mirror
Screwing Mirror On Mounting Plate

5 thoughts on “Reattaching Jeep Wrangler Rear-View Mirror”

  1. My problem is different. I have an ’06 unlimited, and the mirror fell off, and is dangling there with wires for temp. etc. I can see the “button” but can’t get it off to glue separately. No screw on top to release it. The “button” seems to be held by two prong-thingies, that press into it. Can’t wedge it out with a screwdriver. Any one offer a hand?


  2. Oops, never mind. Found the screw. Getting old, I guess. Thanks for reading, though, and for the support. P

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