Making Stuff

Maker, builder, hacker.  Whatever you call yourself (I know…don’t pigeon hole you with a category), you’re here because you want / like to combine stuff together or come up with something cool from raw or recycled materials.


This is where it all started for me about 20 years ago with a bookcase.  If you’re like me, you look at assemble yourself furniture and think, “OK, I’m assembling it.  Why don’t I just cut those pieces too?”  There are post on projects like building a fancy dog step to fun ones like t-rex bookends. Read woodworking articles….


T-Rex Bookends From Scraps

T-Rex Bookends From Scraps



I’m kind of new to this aspect of building things.  Taking a flux core welding class at the community college was a great introduction. Since then I haven’t had much need to weld some stuff but hopefully that will change as I add metal to projects.  Although I did have a need to make a new wedding band.  For some reason the old one got tight 🙂  Read metalworking articles…


Curing Enamel Coating On Copper Ring

Custom Copper Ring

Paint and Ink

You don’t have to be an artist to have fun with paint and ink.  I love using stencil in project like spray painting a custom shirt.  Read more paint and ink articles…


Ink, Watercolors and red mulberry paper to make a logo.

Ink, Watercolors and red mulberry paper to make a logo.